Kal-El is the fuzzed-out step-child of hard rock and heavy metal, often with hints of psychedelic and blues rock as well as doom metal. Songs typically feature a bass-heavy groove, detuned guitars, mind-expanding lyrics, and fuzz-pedals set to kill!

The band was formed in 2012 and has released 5 full length albums. “Pakal” was released on 26th of May 2014, the video for Fire Machine 26th of September 2014, and “Pakal” was released in Japan on Wormhole Japan 24th of September 2014. Second album, “Ecosphere” was released 22nd of August 2015.

26nd of August 2017 Astrodoomeda saw the light of day, and this album drew the attention of Tony Iommi himself and other rock’n’roll royalties as Mr Blasko (Ozzy’s bassplayer) The record was re-relased 2020 on Majestic Mountain Records and sold out in a few days. Extra copies has since been pressed to cover demands. In 6th of October 2019 came Witches of Mars and cemented the band in the scene with their now classic song Witches of Mars. In the years of Covid-19, Kal-El recorded their new record, Dark Majesty. The singles was a success, and Comêta got A-listed on several radio stations. Dark Majesty is the heaviest and most complex record to date,  and is due for release August 27th 2021 on Majestic Mountain Records.

” Astrodoomeda is simply a supernova, a titanic explosive event that should turn these groove- obsessed, fuzzy riff-wranglers into massive stars.”

– Worship Metal

” Astrodoomeda is a wild and wonderful spaced out musical odyssey that could launch Kal-El on to bigger and better things. ” ( 8/10 )

– Outlaws of The Sun

“ Needless to say, Italy’s Argonauta Records has hit a galactic grand slam with Kal-El! Astrodoomeda’s pleasurably tweaked my mind! ”

– Metal Archives

“Dark Majesty excites with the bombast of the music and the larger than life imagery that colors the sonic universe of this band”

-Two Guys Metal Reviews

“This fifth full-length sees them take another step up the ranks to stoner rock royalty […] they deliver some truly mammoth slabs of speaker-shaking goodness.”
-Metal Hammer UK

“Basically Kal-El is an unstoppable riff machine and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s fantastic.”
-Metal Injection

“What makes this record really sizzle is that, on top of creating some truly heavy stoner/doom sounds, Kal-El is acutely aware of how to rock, anchoring each titanic riff to a song structure dynamic and motivating enough to actually sell it as part of a connected whole.”
-Invisible Oranges

“Doom? Check! Fuzztones? Check! A nightmarish journey into some Twilight Zone-sque stories from Kal-El? Oh hell yeah! […] Dark Majesty is like the comic book story that we really needed, right before our eyes. So, this is the band you might want to watch out for in the roaring ‘20s.”
-Echoes & Dust

“Potentially one of the finest and most essential Stoner Metal albums of 2021 has just landed.”
-Outlaws of the Sun

“Dark Majesty is a genuinely impressive record: an epic, fuzzed-out space odyssey that shows there’s still plenty of enjoyment to be had from sci-fi driven stoner rock.”
-The Sleeping Shaman

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